Friday, December 30, 2011

Elder Kaahanui's 1st Email

hey everyone todaay is friday the 30 and its also my pday. pday for me is every friday so be expecting an email from every friday. so things are going good over here for me my company is great and we get along really well, also my district is great too. Its weird we all had similar life styles before we came out here but its awsome because we are all on the same level and down to earth. hey idk if you kow about my dear elder? well tell everyone wwho wants to message me to email me through dear elder. its coool once you send through the email they print out over here and give it to you at the end of the day. but the only way i can reply back to them is through letters but i can only email you.

Isaac and kian sent me a package of snacks and candy and kiana drew me a picture of our house haha i have it pinned on my wall. Hows everyone doing outthere? theres a fijian guy that is in our district his name is elder amoi, he reminds me of eric big time. 
im so upset it didnt snow yet over here its weird thoe because my companion said it should be snowing by now and the only snow i seen is a little patch ill send you the picture of it its kinda sadd haha! oh wells.
anyways im fine up here the first week went but to fast but when were in class it feels like for ever but it crazy how we use every bit of our time out here. its cool i seen christian and tama grahm out here haha they looked super lot but its all good i was the same way my first few days. 
ISAAC: hey thanks for the box of goodies and for the new shirt haha all the guys from hawaii can pick me out just by wearing that shirt haha hey! thanks again the the dryed mango is mean and tell kiana i said thank you foir the picture. hey thay made a sepret gym over here now they have free waits so me and one of my district elder from fiji lift evryother night then we run ont eh oppisite days. 
anyways everything is all good out here. alam po ko na the eason im out here and salamat for you trestimony. any ways i love you alll my time is up. alohaz k family.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Entering the MTC

Today Elder Kaahanui entered the Provo Missionary Training Center. Thanks to the Mozo 'Ohana, we were able to capture this special moment:
We wish we all could've been there to drop you off! We miss you already, but we know you are at the right place at this time in your life!