Monday, August 6, 2012

Awaiting NEW Companion & Area Transfer

Aloha Family. 
Today is Monday of course and im emailing from the lapaz elders Area. Yesterday i dropped off my companion at the main stake center which is in tarlac city, from there our mission president picked them up and took them to the mission home for departing missionaries training before they go home. I meet my new companion Thursday which is transfer day. 

President Martino notified me that my area is closing due to less missionaries in the field which means i'll be transferring out into another zone or area, i'm excited but sad at the same time i got so familiar to some of our recent converts and less active families and i will miss one of our recent converts who treats me like her son. she feeds us all the time even sometimes we don even know about it she would still call us over to eat, shes really nice her name is sister Isabel batad.

Everything is going good here with the language and organizing things in my area before it closes. I'm not to bothered about  anything out here I'm just enjoying every day as much as possible.

well i guess that it for now, next week monday i'll let you guys know what happens and where my new areas is at, hopefully i go to balear, I heard its beautiful out there and its right next to the ocean.

cge po family i love you guys, don't worry about me I'm fine out here and i love the work and also the people.

Much Love
Elder Kaahanui

Can you spot Elder K?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arriving in the Philippines

Elder Kaahanui made it safely to the hot Philippines. Mission President Martino and his lovely wife made this for our family, enjoy:
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Friday, January 6, 2012

 *So far Aaron has undergone his first TRC experiences, ALL in TAGALOG! He struggles, but knows the Lord is helping him while he studies and challenges himself learning a new language. It also sounds like he is enjoying the MTC life and his new companions.
Hey Family.
Today is my pday right now me and my companion are emailing firm our class room. early this morning me and our distrivct woke up super early to do the 7am seshion over at the provo temple, it was great its really big inside i was super surprised becasue we almost got lost trying to find the chaple part anf there no peolple there to guide you like in the laie temple. we had breakfast after in the temple the food was amaizing i almost forgot how real food taste like. the caf food is starting to taste the same haha but its all good but not when you have to use the CR all the time. 
hey dad i got you and moms letter yesterday and isaac i got yours also thanks for the pictures, speaking of pictures i stuill have to wait for the machine in the book store to work again i guess one of the sisters here broke it " i hate when sister try to print off picture they take forever!!" 
 im so happy being here my district is awsome haha last night back at the residence for some reason we couldn't stop laughing before closing with a prayer idk what were laughing about but i was just funny haha. i gotta go now salamat po pamilya  mahalkita. 
Elder Aaron I.K. Kaahanui